Monday, January 16, 2006

Film Review-Zinda

Starcast: Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Lara Dutta
Director: Sanjay Gupta
Rating: * * *

This is probably the first time in my life that I am unable to decide if I liked or disliked the movie . I liked the movie in terms of narration, script, screenplay, performances, editing, cinematography, etc and what I didn't like about the movie is its brutality and its dark and gruesome setup, the overdone blood galore completely turned me off.
Balajit Roy (Sanjay Dutt) is a contented man, with a loving wife (Celina Jetley) and friend (Mahesh Manjrekar), a great software engineering job which has currently got him to Bangkok, et al. He is absolutely in love with his life until an unexpected turn of events flips his life upside down. He is kidnapped and lands in a dungeon where he is kept for 14 years and he doesn't have the slightest clue as to why he is there.
In the first year of being there, he comes to know about his wife being murdered in his house and the blame of that is also on him. After 14 years he is freed and there enters Rohit Chopra (John Abraham) an anonymous someone who is responsible for Balajit's state today. How is Rohit responsible forms the crux of the story. Jenny (Lara Dutta) a cab driver helps Balajit to reach his vindictive destination.
The cinematography by Sanjay F Gupta is unbeatable. The editing is crispy, the screenplay and script are sturdy. The only negative part is the film is that there is too much of blood, some scenes like sanjay Dutt plucking each and every tooth out of Raj Zutshi's mouth makes you feel sick. There are no songs in the movie, Shibani Kashyap's Zinda Hoon Main and Strings song happen to be just the background score.
Performances are good, Lara doesn't get much scope but she does well out of whatever she was offered. John could have been better, seems too plastic at times. The anger on his face should have been more evident. Supporting cast is ok. Celina and Mahesh go over the top as always. The show stealer undoubtedly being Mr. Sanjay Dutt, I doubt anyone could have performed this role better. Sanjay lives through the character, he plays Balajit Roy with such conviction that if you are not one with a weak heart you must see this film for him. This role was written just for him, the pain in his eyes make him very likeable. Outstanding performance.
Zinda will definitely not appeal to everyone, people with weak hearts, sensitive people, et al the film is definitely not for you. I came out Zinda after the movie, how about you?
-Sanketh Rao.