Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Film Review-Dhoom 2

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu, Uday Chopra.
Director: Sanjay Ghadvi
Rating: * * * 1/2

I think sequels are working, not that D2 is better than Dhoom but its definitely bigger and grander. The sizzle effect is too high. The only problem with D2 is it has a weak script but it still does not fall flat. Despite the weak script all the chills and thrills make it an enjoyable movie.
The cinematography, the stunts and the special effects are on par with Hollywood. When each character makes an entry, the catcalls don't stop but everytime Hrithik comes on screen the whistles just grow louder.
The villains infact are the biggest hero's. No one in the audience wants Hrithik to get caught or die. The climax is slightly disappointing coz its its too thanda as compared to the whole film.
The songs are a disappointment especially "don't touch me" and "Excuse Me", I am sure D2 can do without them. "Crazy Kiya Re" is good and the title song is a treat coz of Hrithik's dancing. He's undoubtedly the best ever when it comes to dancing.
Speaking of the performances Uday Chopra does exactly what he does in Dhoom, so his job is to make people laugh and he succeeds to quite an extent. Bipasha is quite a set back, not because she doesn't perform well but because her role is so badly sketched. She starts as this super cop and suddenly vanishes. Post interval her identical twin who is a bimbo romances Uday Chopra (just coz he is Yash Chopra's son?) I mean they could have used someone else for this role. And whatever happens to Bips the super cop? Probably she doesn't get a visa to Rio, Brazil.
Rimi Sen in her 5 minute role is competent.
Aishwarya, I must say is quite not up to the mark. She makes a grand entry but as soon as she starts speaking you wish she played a mute character.
Abhishek on the other hand does a good job but does he stand a chance in front of Hrithik?? A big NO. He is completely overshadowed and that's quite a surprise.
And ofcourse the show belongs to Hrithik from the first frame to the last. He is a superstar. Be it his looks, performance, dance or stunts, all the actor does is excel. Its him who makes this film what it is. Without him this film would have been Doom instead of Dhoom 2.
Definitely watch it and watch it for Hrithik.

-Sanketh Rao.