Saturday, January 08, 2005

this is me n my leo , my sis took this snap when we were in deep sleep

me n my leo Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

sooooo cuteeeeeee

Sanketh Rao said...

me rite? thnx

Deepa S said...

Sanketh Rao !!!

What is all this ? Wasting time !! Hehe..its me ur sister Deepa. Remember me !! Nd Sanjay !!

Miss you heaps.

Lots of love,

Deepa Sharma said...

Hi Brother!!

Wish u were back here in Australia!! Come back soon. I miss you a lot.

Leo looks cute!! U look K !!

ji nd ja

Deepa Sharma said...

Dearest bro,

Its 2pm here. I am slogging with my studies and enjoyed talking to ur sis Shweta. Take care of yourself. B good.

Sanjay and I are watching.
PS. Ur Lara looks old now....