Monday, May 22, 2006

Film Review-Ankahee

Starring: Esha Deol, Aftab Shivdasani, Ameesha Patel.
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Rating: * *

What happens when you pick an old blockbuster "Arth", make a weak script out of it, then garnish it with a few tasteless songs and even worse caricatures? Well, the answer is you get Ankahee. In that respect, I don't have to talk about the story coz everyone knows what Arth is all about.
I always believe a good film is a good film, be it a commercial film or an art film, a romantic or a horror film. Likewise the same goes for a film that is adapted from another film or a book, a remake or an adaptation can be as interesting as the original. In this case as the rumours make rounds that is Vikram Bhatt's real life story and its a also known fact that Arth was Mahesh Bhatt's autobiographical all I can say is probably they have one similar chapter in their lives.
It could have been a well made, intriguing, sensitive enterprise but it turns out to be anything but these.
The characterization of the three leads Shekar (Aftab Shivdasani) a doctor, Nandita (Ameesha Patel) his homemaker and Kavya (Esha Deol) a model is very weak. Aftab's character is reduced to a "oh I cant express, I am so wooden" kinda character, Ameesha's character is so over enthusiastic and so unreal that the poor husband has no choice but have an affair. She plays the too good to be true kinda irritating wife who sobs at the drop of a hat. On the other hand Esha's character is strong with grey shades but then it eventually gets reduced to that of a possessive maniac.
The music is average, the title track sung by Kunal Ganjawaala featuring himself is the only one that stands out. Camera work by Subi Samuel is nothing to rave about.
Of the cast, as said earlier Aftab doesn't emote, somehow he is very stiff. The less said about Ameesha the better, a career change would be the best advice I can give her. The only one who rocks is none other than Esha. Such a power packed performance, truly amazing to see what she is capable of. There is some sense of mysticism in her eyes that make her perfectly suitable for the role. Every chance that the role has given her, she has grabbed that opportunity and given it her best shot.
All said and done, it would have been better if this story had remained Ankahee (untold). Rather watch Arth again.
-Sanketh Rao.

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When is the review for Fanaa coming up?
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