Monday, June 26, 2006

Film Review-Krrish

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra.
director: Rakesh Roshan
Rating: * * * 1/2

Wow!! Finally a superhero film in mainstream Bollywood. Not that it's an outstanding film or something but still there are a lot of things that go in the favour of the film. The only thing that doesn't go good with the film is its painful length of over three hours. Few unwanted songs could be chopped and it would save us about 20 mins to half an hour.
The story you can go and see for yourself, it also has a small surprise element in it. Nothing is believable but then that's what super hero films are all about right?. The kids are gonna love it. Some performances are just not upto the mark but seriously it does not matter because Hrithik takes you through this film with such amazing talent that the rest of the cast can go and take a hike.
Speaking of the pluses, Hrithik's as well as Priyanka's entry is absolutely out of the world. Very well shot and stylish. The other commendable scenes are in the second half of the film, all the action scenes and the works. Incredible.
Also I know for a fact that people loved the action scenes, coz every time Hrithik wore the mask, the whistling from the audience didn't stop. The action choreography is par excellence that too for a Bollywood film its a big milestone achieved.
Of the actors everyone from Manine De, Sharad Saxena, to Rekha act their parts convincingly. The only two over the top performers include the overrated Mr. Nasseruddin Shah who is anything but likeable in his villainous avatar, ditto for the lovely Archana Puran Singh who misses the catch this time around. Priety Zinta in one flashback scene is wasted. Pryianka Chopra doesn't have a great role but she does whatever she is required to do. She is likeable in the bubbly role and runs around the trees with our super hero whenever required.
And finally the show belongs to none other than the man himself, Hrithik. He looks a million dollars, he dances like no ones business and his acting histrionics are simply commendable. He is a complete package, his honesty shows on screen and his hard work puts him way ahead of his contemporaries. Hats off boy, to you and to your dad.
Also the last scene convinced me that a trilogy is definitely coming up!!!!
-Sanketh Rao.


anwaruddin said...

I donno what made u give ***1/2 to this movie.I would have given it ** coz it sucks a great time.Totally a senseless movie gone on to become a great hit the only reason being the pre release marketing and lot of publicity by Rakesh Roshan for this foolish movie.A total brainless movie where the story never ends and keeps on stretching,I do agree few action scenes were shot beautifully but a total flop hyped by senseless media.Priyanka chopra was overacting ,songs were forced deliberately into the movie,on par with hollywood superflicks it lacks alot.A new attempt by RR but I hope he wont make a sequel to this one.A total time & money waste.

Sanketh Rao said...

Hi anwaruddin,
Thnx for your comment, really appriciate it.
But the thing is a films rating cannot be only determined by the length of the movie or over acting by one actor. I see a film in its totality and what makes Krrish work are the stunts, hrithik, unique subject, dil na diya and the good publicity.

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