Monday, November 07, 2005

Film Review-Kyon Ki and Garam Masala

Kyon Ki
Starring: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rimii Sen.
Garam Masala
Starring: Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Rimii Sen and 3 new finds.
Director: Priyadarshan
Rating: *

Mr. Priyadarshan (director of the above blockbusters).

Dear Sir,
First and foremost I would like to personally thank you for ruining my long weekend by releasing these two films viz Kyon Ki and Garam Masala. I wonder what made you create films like these which are completely lacklustre. If a rookie would see this, he would be completely averse to films made in Bollywood. I am so surprised that these two films came from you, who has given us Virasat, Hera Pheri and Hungama.

Let me first talk to you about Kyon Ki, what in the god's name is this? You tried to make the first half of the film funny but it turned out to be anything but funny. Those silly gags in the mental hospital are so so crude and disgusting. The physical abuse of the patients there is highly questionable. Overacting seems to flow in the skin of all the characters be it the lead pair or the supporting cast.

First of all Rimii is eyeing Salman and when he starts stalking her she pretends to be so naive and declares herself to be a nun. The father of that church also needs a special mention here, unacceptable. The chemistry between Salman and Rimii is very poor and they just don't seem to be so much in love that Salman can go bonkers when Rimii dies. And the poor Rimii Sen needs to take some Hindi lessons and change her diction drastically.

Kareena is a talented actress but even her histrionics are not used well. She gets Salman Khan out of amnesia so easily by just singing their love song and by writing I Love You on the cars window. On the other hand you have Jackie Shroff with some ghesa-pita over melodramatic angle to the story.

The music has one good soundtrack sung by Kunal Ganjawaala "Dil keh raha hai" and the title song and "goli maare" are hummable and the rest are absolutely avoidable. Om Puri and Suniel Shetty are wasted, I wonder why that character of Mr. Shetty was ever sketched. Kareena does her bit but she cant be blamed at all. Salman does what he always does so I will just leave it at that.

And the climax that you finally give us, maybe you think its a Kahaani Me Twist but sadly it puts you off totally. I think the title of this film must be changed from Kyon Kii...Its Fate to Kyon Kii...It's Illfate, illfate of all the people who have or will see this movie.

Coming to your second film Garam Masala, I agree its definitely better than Kyon Ki but nowhere as compared to your earlier comedy films. This film suffers because it has no story, no plot. None of the events that are happening in the film make any sense at all.

For example why does John get promoted and go to America and many such things which make no sense at all. Akshay Kumar the playboy is dating three air hostesses at a time and juggling between their flight schedules, buoy that is so funny that I feel like crying.

Seriously just because Masti and No Entry have done well it doesn't mean that directors can saturate people with these kinda films. Akshay overacts and John underacts. John thinks that jumping around and toppling the sofas can tickle our funny bone, but both he and you are sadly mistaken.

Rimii Sen again has precious little to do and ofcourse Paresh Rawal is the only one who atleast brings a smile if not a laugh on the audience's face. All said and done this Garam masala is neither hot nor tasty absolutely bland.

Hope we will not be undergoing such kind of torture in the near future. God Bless!!

-Sanketh Rao.

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