Thursday, July 13, 2006

To Mumbai - from my heart

I had written this poem long ago for the city of dreams, my lovely Bombay city. After what happened on 7/11, this poem is just a dedication to express my love for my beautiful city.

" She was re-christened over a decade ago, but I still call her by her old name,
because for me she shall always remain the same.
She is the most energetic and beautiful ever,
and to sleep, she goes never.
She is so hip and happening,
to be with her I always keep reckoning.
She was once devastated and destroyed,
but she fought back to become happy and joyed.
Many people on her, cast the devil's eye,
but the spirit in her will never let her die.
I am not with her at the moment,
and its more than two years since I started this advent.
Wherever I am, to be with her I long,
and for the love of her, I have written this song."

-Sanketh Rao.

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