Monday, July 24, 2006

Film Review-The killer

Starcast: Irfan Khan, Emran Hashmi, Nisha Kothari.
Director: Hasnain Hyderabadwala and Raksha
Rating: * *
God knows how this film is getting good reviews, I think it's just about average. The film is just about two hours long and yet quite painful. What makes the film sour in taste are the pathetic C grade actors (I don't know if I can call them actors), ofcourse that is with the exception of Mr. Irfan Khan.
The story is how a professional killer (Irfan) hires a cab, the cabbie being Nikhil (Emran) for the killings that he is hired for and how Nikhil and his bar dancer girlfriend (Nisha) become scapegoats and eventually escape. Actually had it not been for the terrible cast, the film would have been a very fast paced, intelligent thriller. The dialogues are witty, the camerawork is sleek, the location is nice and the camaraderie that Irfan and Emaran share is the only highpoint of the film.
The directors have done a good job in adapting the story but have failed to get the performances out of the actors. The music is pretty ok, nothing to rave about. But the choreography especially in the "Abhi Toh Main Jawaan Hoon" number is hilarious.
Emran, if he does one more film , I swear I will become his die hard fan (obviously in anti thesis). And the less said is better about Nisha aka Mrs. James , is this the only profession that she decided to excel in? I am sure she will take Bollywood to new heights (new heights of non performing). The only show stealer is Irfan , be it his dialogue delivery or his scary dead eyes, he excels and no doubt is the saving grace of the film).
Watch it if you wanna laugh over Nisha's funny gyrations or Irfan's good performance or Emran's stint with acting.
Otherwise Avoid!!!
-Sanketh Rao.

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