Monday, August 14, 2006

Film Review-Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerjee and Priety Zinta.
Director: Karan Johar
Rating: * * * *

Hello everyone!!! Trust me I would have given this film 5 stars had it not been for just 1 thing and that is the 'as monotonous as ever', Mr. Shahrukh Khan.
Ok first things first, not that I am a fan of Karan Johar but kudos to him for making such a bold and relevant film. I still have a hangover from the film. Its just not about outstanding camerawork, great locales, big stars, good music and lavish sets. This time along with all these ingredients is an amazing script and a strong screenplay that stays with you even after you get out of the theatre.
The cinematography in the film is as good as it can get and that is not a surprise. The colours used in the song "Rock n Roll Soniye" is comparable to "Nimbooda" of "HDDCS" if not better and ofcourse NY looks so beautiful in all its seasons spring, fall and winter. The maple leaves continue to look as vibrant as ever. The set direction is too perfect like every other film of his. The costumes just enhance the each characters personality, though I feel Priety looked slightly over done in few scenes.
The songs are beautiful barring one song picturized on Rani and SRK, I call it the blue song, this can be easily deleted keeping in mind the 3 hour 15 min duration of the film. The rest are just a treat to watch. "Rock n Roll Soniye" for the colours and Kajol. "Mitwa" and "KANK" for the lyrics. But the best song in the film goes to the Party song coz the energy in the song is so high it makes you jump out of your seat and not that they are great dancers but Priety and Abhishek get their steps almost perfect, they are so lovable.
What gets the film really high standards and all the class is Karan's almost flawless direction. I always underestimated the guy but it takes only a sensible director like him to churn out a script and direction of this strature. Some of the scenes for example, the scene where SRK is waiting for Rani with flowers in his hand but both Rani and Priety are approaching him without them seeing each other, can come only from an expert like him. I will not do Karan bashing anymore till I see his film.
Kirron Kher as SRK's mum and Amitabh's muse is wonderful, she plays her role with such elan and comfort that you always wanna see more of her. Arjun Rampal looks great and has a role bigger than I thought. He is competent. John in a 5 sec role as a DJ is passable. The kid also seen in Vaastu Shastra is phenomenal. You don't call Amitabh a legend for nothing. Anyone else in his role would have looked absolutely perverted and disgusting, but Sr.AB pulls it off really well.
And as far as the four main leads are concerned, I think Karan gets a little partial to his friends SRK and Rani which I think is not fair. Shahrukh Khan gets an awesome entry, and he is quite bearable as the frustrated , unsuccessful husband in the first half but just gets as irritating as ever in the second half. He hams like no ones business in scene after scene, I think that's what happens to actors who are not versatile, a point comes where they cannot be tolerated ditto for Govinda. Looks like its the end of the road for him. I think Saif would have been ideal (I can vouch for that after Parineeta) coz SRK looks really old among the three other young stars.
Rani, as the confused girl gives a decent performance that's all I can say and as far as looks go she doesn't stand a chance in front of Priety.
I think the film belongs to Abhishek and Priety, their characters are so just, so ethical and they truly stand out. Priety looks like some princess from some exotic land. And who says her role isn't good enough, I think she simply shines.
And Abhishek as the fun loving guy madly in love with his wife is just outstanding. He has such a lot of potential. I identify so much with the character. He stands out in every frame. The chemistry the father and son share on screen is the best there is and the best there ever will be. There is not one scene in the film where he's flawed. And like his father his comic timing is amazing. Watch the film for this guy, his best performance after Yuva. Way to go Jr., you are a rock star.
A must watch!!!


Bhaskar said...

This movie is relevant to who?
Falling in love with another person after marrying a person of your choice (not chosen by anyone else) .. is this relevant? or a married woman seducing a man in a bed store... is this relevant? a 60 year old man sleeping with whores after his wife dies.. only thing that is relevant was preity's slapping her bastard husband.. nothing else.. trying to justify the infidelity by putting in big stars does not convince me sorry!!!!

Sanketh Rao said...

Hi Bhaskar,

c i look at it like this
its not that marriage is bad
but its that thr are some ppl who are weak and go wrong in their actions like srk and rani
so its abt what happens to ppl who are rite like abhi n priety?
should they compromise and live on or should they punish their spouses who have cheated
and i think wot abhi n priety did was rite
and wot happens to rani n srk is not important coz they flawed.
thats y i say that karan was partial to srk and rani coz they are his friends , he should hv shown them living seperately for ever and suffering for for wot they did.
the moral of the story is infedility is not acceptable.