Friday, April 15, 2005

Film Review-Mumbai Express

Kamal Hassan in and as Mumbai Express Posted by Hello

StarCast: Kamal Hassan, Manisha Koirala
Director: S. Srinivas Rao.
Rating: * * *

It's crazy, silly and whacky but sure to tickle your funny bone. Kamal Hasan is back in and as Mumbai Express and he does a commendable job. Three rogues A(Vijay Raaz), B, C decide to kidnap a rich man's kid and ask for a ransom. But in the process of doing so, C is admitted to the hospital as he has to be treated for appendicitis, now his wife (Pratima Kazmi) recommends her brother Mumbai Express aka Avinash (Kamal Hasan) to replace her husband. Now Avinash is a very honest guy who drives a motorbike in the death well in a fair and when they probe him into the plan that's where crime meets confusion.
These 3 fools instead of kidnapping the rich man's (Saurabh Shukla) child they kidnap another child Daddu who is the son of the ACP (Om Puri) and his mistress (Manisha Koirala). Now admist this confusion Avinash whose also deaf falls in love with the kid and his mother. There is nothing more about the story that can be written.
This one is a one song film so thats nice and one can die laughing in the first half of the movie. The second half lacks in pace but again the execution of the dialogues and the comic timing by the director and all the actors is extra odinary. All of them, Sharad saxena, Manisha Koirala, the kid, Pratima Kazmi, Saurabh Shukla and his wife just fit the bill perfectly. But the show clearly belongs to 5 people viz The biting horse, very funny, Ramesh Aravind who is the insurance agent is simply hilarious and does a great job, Vijay Raaz, is brilliant infact has more scenes than Kamal Hasan in the first half and finally Om Puri and Kamal Hasan who are by far amongst the best talent India has ever produced. They are a delight to watch and they just prove that with every passing film.
This film with it's total chaos, disorganization, clutter, disarray, disorder, disorderliness, disarrangement, jumble, muddle, snarl, tangle, topsy-turviness, hullabaloo, pandemonium, tumult , ahhhhhh!!!! I am out of words is definitely worth a watch.
Happy Giggling!
-Sanketh Rao.


Anonymous said...

U seriously have patience dude to watch the complete movie. And u give it a 3 star rating ... U must be kiddin!!! The comedy is hardly laughable and Mr Kamal certainly looks out of shape and out of ideas and mind!!

Sanketh Rao said...

hey amar,
maybe u saw the movie on cd, but in the theatre trust me it was not bad at all