Monday, May 09, 2005

My review in FILMFARE

Hello all,
I sent some of my reviews to Filmfare magazine, and they published one of them in their May 2005 issue.
Below is the direct link to my review in the magazine


Deepa said...

HI Sanky Bro,

You can view the filmfare thingynibob without having an id. Now, your review are excellent but if you want to get into films, I will dissuade you. Your Lara's an Koppiakars' are enough without you giving us all a heart attack.

heheheh !! Thought i better write that.
Lots of love,
ji and ja

AJ said...

Hi Sanketh,

Nice to see your review there. As I had told you, you have no reason not to be famous.


Sanketh Rao said...

thnx a ton ji , ja and aman

sahana_sweet17 said...

Hello sanketh,
congrats!!glad to see your movie review of "Socha na tha" published in filmfare was very superb. I saw all of your other film reviews,all those were really excellent.

Sanketh Rao said...

thnx sahana